New Furry Pal, part 4.

I’ve had Dolly for almost 15 months.  She’s such a great cat.  I don’t always understand her.  She has the idea that she should be up on every high place in the house.  That means a few spills!   She’s not as good of a climber as she thinks she is.

She is sweet when she’s sleeping with me.  I have discovered that I make the best cat pillow ever.

She makes me laugh when she kills plastic bags and plastic milk caps.  I wish I had just a little of her energy.

I’m happy that she wants to share all of this and more with me.  Everyone should have a rescue cat.  You will never be sorry.


Everyday Inspiration: Day 1

I write because:  I love books and articles.  I get to see what people that are different from me have to say.  I get to see the world through their eyes.

I get to see opinions that I haven’t thought of yet.  Whether I share them or not.

I can spend pleasant hours in fantasy land or learning about distant lands.

I write because I want others to read my adventures.  I want them to enjoy my fantasies.  I want to share my opinions with them.

I want to find my place among so many wonderful authors.  I hope you get to read my works someday.

Well, it’s been a very long year for me.  There has been family illnesses.  Many house repairs.  Just so much going on.  I’m hoping for a better year in 2017.

Merry Christmas to all my followers.  I hope you have the best year in 2017

C2C graph tutorial

Source: C2C graph tutorial

I have decided to join some nice crochet groups on Facebook.  I want to learn to do corner to corner crocheting for graphs.  There is a couple of nice CALs going on now.  I needed to learn the stitches  for it.  So a kind person put this link up.  I thought I’d put it up for anyone that wants to learn this too.  I’ll try to get a photo posted when it’s done.  I’m pretty slow at this time of the year.  So it will take a while to do this.

Writing 201, Poetry

I started taking the Writing 201 Poetry class.  I will be trying to do some poetry.  I’ll be learning about different kinds of poetry.  I think I will like this.  I know my poetry will probably be lame, but it will be fun.

Everything Old is New Again.

I’ve had this blog since March 31, 2011.  When I started it I wanted a place to show off my crocheting and knitting.  With the passage of time, I have decided that I wanted to add other things.  I was stuck so to speak.

I read a blog post from Sandy at Sanderella’s.  She was having the same feelings as me.  She had a blog for one specific thing.  She came to the place that she felt stuck and needed a change.  It was so inspiring to me!  I feel like her.  I need to make a change.  I’m going to blog about anything that is interesting to me.  I hope it will set my blog free.  At the very least it will be a lot of fun.

My new cat, Dolly is such a blast.  She makes me laugh everyday.  I can’t wait to get up and see what we will do next.  Rescue pets are the very best ones.

I’ve made 2 of the ruffle scarves.  I love them.  There are so many kinds of them too.  I got a couple of skeins with fur on them.  I’ll make one of the ruffle scarves with that next.  I made 2 new hats and a cowl for winter.  I’m working on the Sophia afghan too.  The craft projects are coming along very well.  I’ll have to take some pics and put them on the blog soon.

I got a German and Mediterranean cookbook at the library.  The weather is getting cooler here.  I’m ready for hardy food.  I’d like some dumplings  and a good stew.  Yum.  I think I will see what else is in the pantry!

Have a great day, everyone.

Furry Pal, part 3.

I’ve had my cat Dolly for a whole week now.  I love her dearly.  She has checked out the whole house.  She loves exploring it.

She helps me do all my chores.  Any chore is more fun with cat help!  It takes twice as long to do, but that’s just how it is.  It’s a small price to pay for all the laughter and smiles she gives me.  She makes my husband laugh too.

She meows when I go out.  I miss her when I’m out.  It’s good to get a happy  welcome when I get home.

I laugh when she makes anything a plaything!   She has so much energy.  I’m so glad I got my furry pal.  I can’t wait to see what we will do tomorrow.

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