New Furry Pal

I’ve had ferrets for the last 19 years.  We have had 13 of the little rounders in that time.  Our last one, Annie died in early August.  She was almost 9 years old.  She was a happy old gal.  We missed her very much.

My husband asked me if I wanted to get a kitten?  I was surprised because I thought he was allergic to cats and dogs.  I told him no because he was allergic to cats and dogs.  He promptly told me that he was only allergic to dogs!  I have been looking for a suitable kitty ever since.

I wanted an older cat.  Kittens get adopted first.  The older cats may never get adopted.  I wanted a rescue cat.  My family has been rescuing unwanted cats and dogs for half of my life.  They truly do make the best pets.

When you rescue an animal; they become your best pal for life.  I feel sorry for people that don’t understand this.  Our cat was named Dolly Madison by the shelter.  We just kept the name.  Dolly seems to fit her quite well.

I wasn’t sure what kind of cat I would get.  I looked at all of them and Dolly was rubbing my hand through the cage.  She’s about 2 years old.  She is a calico cat.

I asked the lady to please open the cage to see if she still liked me.  Dolly leaned out of the cage and put her front feet on my chest and hugged me!  She rubbed her face across mine.  I knew she was going to be the kitty for me.

She loves to talk.  I have to see if she’s ok when she gets quiet!  She wants you to love her all day.  Snuggle cats are really the best of all cats!

Dolly has decided that the back of my chair is the perfect place to perch and sleep.  She is quite a cat.

I’ve had Dolly for about 20 hours now.  It’s been the best 20 hours in a long time!

You should consider shelter animals when you need a new pal.  You will never regret it.  Just ask Dolly!


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