Everything Old is New Again.

I’ve had this blog since March 31, 2011.  When I started it I wanted a place to show off my crocheting and knitting.  With the passage of time, I have decided that I wanted to add other things.  I was stuck so to speak.

I read a blog post from Sandy at Sanderella’s.  She was having the same feelings as me.  She had a blog for one specific thing.  She came to the place that she felt stuck and needed a change.  It was so inspiring to me!  I feel like her.  I need to make a change.  I’m going to blog about anything that is interesting to me.  I hope it will set my blog free.  At the very least it will be a lot of fun.

My new cat, Dolly is such a blast.  She makes me laugh everyday.  I can’t wait to get up and see what we will do next.  Rescue pets are the very best ones.

I’ve made 2 of the ruffle scarves.  I love them.  There are so many kinds of them too.  I got a couple of skeins with fur on them.  I’ll make one of the ruffle scarves with that next.  I made 2 new hats and a cowl for winter.  I’m working on the Sophia afghan too.  The craft projects are coming along very well.  I’ll have to take some pics and put them on the blog soon.

I got a German and Mediterranean cookbook at the library.  The weather is getting cooler here.  I’m ready for hardy food.  I’d like some dumplings  and a good stew.  Yum.  I think I will see what else is in the pantry!

Have a great day, everyone.


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